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A little call out into the universe...
I have had a strong interest in film and TV from a young age, taking Media Studies at A level and going on to pursuing a career in arts at college and university. Although starting as a freelance illustrator, my career path ended up veering more towards working in photography, in which I have now worked for 10+ years!
Having so many years experience in photographing weddings in a natural/documentary fashion I feel lends well to a career in production photography, capturing natural candids on set to document the process. It is an area I feel passionate about and I would love to gain some experience working in the TV and film industry and to be given the opportunity to pursue the combination of two of my loves, photography and film!
Although I’d love an opportunity to arise in television or film, I am aware that independent short films would be a great starting point to develop a unit stills portfolio and so if you are crewing up for a small production do bear me in mind!

Below you will find recent unit stills work along with a selection of my wedding and portrait work showcasing my style of of photography from the last few years that I’d like to hope shows my skills in composition, capturing moments quickly and making use of interesting light.
If you are a film maker on whatever scale, find my work appealing and are interested in working with me do please get in touch, I’d love to hear form you!