Becky Ryan is an internationally published photographer from Liverpool, England, currently based in a small town in Derbyshire.  Covering the UK and beyond she is currently taking bookings for 2023.




My name’s Becky, which you probably already knew, and I’m a self employed photographer from Liverpool currently living in a small town in Derbyshire called Belper with two little bunnies, Daisy and Buttercup.  I’ve always been creative and originally intended on pursuing a career as an artist/illustrator, but the opportunity came up to photograph a friend’s wedding and I’ve never looked back. I do still do plenty of doodling and take odd illustration commission here and there too though. (If you’re interested in my illustration work click here for a little nosey!)
I’ve always loved to take photos ever since I got my first polaroid camera in the 90s but hadn't actually considered the possibility of doing it for a living until I was! But, now I’m here, it’s awesome!
I hadn’t realised how creative photography can be, how much heart can go into it, just with any drawing or painting, a photograph can encompass so much more than what initially meets the eye, and that’s what I love. I’ve travelled up and down the country shooting wonderfully unique weddings and events, worked with families, models, burlesque performers, comedians, and musicians providing them with promotional and live shots and I'm currently aspiring to get into unit stills.  Thank you for checking out my work and if you have a project you think I could help with don't hesitate to get in touch!

Becky xoxo