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Becky was a pleasure to work with on the shoot of Ticker. She caught the atmosphere of the set brilliantly with her photographs without distracting from the work. Always catching the moment. Always there but never intrusive. A delight and pleasure to work with.
- Ian Gelder, actor

Becky’s work as stills photographer on “Ticker” is totally faithful to the atmosphere and subject matter of the film, her still images complementing and highlighting the action.
Unobtrusive and unfailingly polite on set, and with a wry sense of humour, she is a delight to work with and is a highly accomplished stills photographer.

- Paul Copley, actor

Becky Ryan is everything you want in a photographer. She is as patient as she is creative, dedicated as she is professional. The stills we received from her were some of the best I have ever been fortunate enough to use. I can't wait to be able to work with Becky again.
- Ben Field, Producer and Director